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From the art of Vranov's masters to the walk through time

The second journey of Prešov region begins at the masters of Vranov nad Topľou. Masters Lukáš Murín and Vladimír Vislocký will show how is created new life from wood.

After seeing the harmony between wood and technolgy the journey will take you to Hanušovce nad Topľou, where you'll experience a walk through historical periods of mankind. Do you have any idea how a Paleolithic knife cuts? Do you know how heavy a Neolithic axe is? Do you think you’ll be able to hold a shield from the Bronze Age? Are you able to grind flour on a Celtic mill? Will you induce a few tones on musical instruments? After visiting Hanušovce you will know the right answers.

(A) Lukáš Murín

Manufacture of tailored artistic furniture

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(B) Vladimír Vislocký

Artistic woodworks

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(C) Muzeum in Hanušovce

archeopark of creativity

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