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Put on a costume and go birdwatching on the way to Tokaj

The journey across Košice region is truly filled with unique creative experiences. The journey starts at Folk costume workshop of the Zemplín Center of Culture in Michalovce. Besides the fact that you will discover the true genuine of folklore, the handy tailors will show you how the ladies and gentelmen of Zemplin dressed a hundred years ago. Of course, they'll happily sew you your own folk costume.

The journey continues to the nearby Senné, where except visiting the unique bird paradise of the local lakes, you'll be also welcomed by the local baroque castle. Although the baroque building is currently under renovation by the local community of volunteers, they will gladly show you how to build a castle. It should be kept in mind, that those who want to put their hand into work are also welcomed.

The last creative checkpoint is in Streda nad Bodrom at Mr. Gelvanics's workshop will surely bring you joy. The tinker master will teach you how to make from a simple wire a memory beyond the borders of your fantasy. Your journey does not and here, you have just found yourself on Tokay, in the land where other the finest vine may not be found.

(A) Folk costume

workshop at the Cultural center of Zemplin in Michalovce

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(B) Drahomíra Hlohinová

Foundation for the conservation and restoration of Castle Senné

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(C) Jozef Gelvanics

Art of tinkering, figural crafts

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