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The Kosice walk of crafts

The journey or better said walk through the metropolis of Eastern Slovakia will not only guide you through the beatiuful historic sights of Košice. The walk starts at Mrs. Ľudmila Benková and her fantasy wokrhop located at the Košice city park. Afterwards the walk will take you to the Alley of Crafts of Hrnrčiarska street, where the blacksmith master Mr. Horák will show you the art of forging. We continue by visiting the neighboring pottery wokshop of Macák family, where in a friendly environment Mr. Igor will show you the secrets of the potter's craft.

After visiting the Alley of Crafts the walk continues with a short stroll to the grandiose Main street of Košice, where you'll be taken to little shop called Designshop. At he shop you may bring back childhood memories with Mrs. Pavelekova's unique ecological toys.

Na záver prechádzky si môžete Váš zážitok z prechádzky zvečniť v neďalekom ateliéry u pána Gabriela Bodnára.

(A) Ľudmila Benková

world of fantasy

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(B) Cyril Horák

 artistic blacksmith
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(C) Igor Macák

magical pottery

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(D) Petra Pavelková

eco toys by red capra

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(E) Gabriel Bodnár

images of the moment

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