Eastern Slovakia

/in Prešov and Košice region/

Discover the natural beauty, historical heritage and culture of the regions through personal meetings with creative products of their inhabitants. Your guide will be this interactive subside about Eastern Slovakia locat at the web portal of the project

Clusters Meet Culture


What is eastslovakia.creativejourneys.eu ?

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What does www.eastslovakia.creativejourneys.eu represent ?


eastslovakia.creativejourneys at www.eastslovakia.creativejourneys.eu is on of the outcomes of the Slovak Chamber's of Commerce and Industry activities within the international project Clusters Meet Culture.

What does the project Clusters Meet Culture represent ?

The project Clusters Meet Culture represents an opportunity of development and valorisation of productive excellences in tourism-cultural destinations. For more information about the project click here.

What is the aim of Creative East Slovakia?

CMC Project wants to enhance local clusters production and their capacity to attract tourist flows, through specific actions addressed to improve their awareness and capacity to combine tourism, production and culture. In particular, the project aims at attracting new tourist flows in less known touristic areas where clusters are located thanks to promoting new integrated itineraries able to propose a multiple/integrated offer of cultural attractions, touristic attractions and local products. Facilitate connections between art, culture, tourism and industry allows to promote a unique and integrated tourism offer valorising the overall identity of a determinate territory.

Whom and with aim does Creative East Slovakia represent ?

Creative East Slovakia represents entities of creative economy in Košice and Prešov region. The aim of the platform is the systematic support of these entities by raising awarennes on on - line markets, creation of opportunities for new partnerships and the presentation of creative offers of East Slovakia.

How does Creative East Slovakia work ?

The platform Creative East Slovakia is subdivided into Creative Košice and Creative Prešov. Both subpages represent entities of creative economy according to their regional affiliation. These entities of creative economy are identified within regional "Creative Journeys". The regional journeys represent suggested itineraries for the visitors of the regions of Creative East Slovakia.

How do you create your own journey through the regions Creative East Slovakia ?

Each entity's profile has a small icon in the form of a shopping cart. If the entity's profile has met your interest, you may add it to your itinerary by clicking on the cart icon. Your itinerary is available at any time in the menu "Your journey", where by dragging the profiles you may reorder the itinerary according to your own wishes. Afterwards you may download the Map of your Journey as well as the subscription of your itinerary.

How to search for subjects of creative economy ?

1. By clicking on the submenus Creative Košice and Creative Prešov that will be easily displayed by setting the cursor on the menu Discover Creative East Slovakia.

2. Through thematic filters integrated in the Google maps. After selecting the topic of your interest the map will display icons representing the location of entities of creative economy. After clicking on a particular icon, the user may look at the profile of the selected entity of creative economy.

3. Through #TAGS visible at the bottom of the page. After clicking on a specific #TAG the user may explore the associated content.

4. Through the search engine visible at the top of the page. After entering a keyword into the search engine will appear all of the descriptions containing the searched term.

Where can I follow Creative East Slovakia ?

Creative people of Eastern Slovakia spread their work via social networks:


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Who can become a part of Creative East Slovakia ?

For more infomation contact the regional chambers of SCCI

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