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"Discover the natural beauty, historical heritage and culture of the region spreadfromthe unique High Tatras mountains, through the wild Pieniny mountain, Domaša Dam Lake to mysterious Bukovec Mountains (Poloniny) by personal meetingswith creative products of their inhabitants."

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A varied Prešov region is situated in the northeastern part of Slovakia. The most populous region of Slovakia by its geographic location brings together  wide range of traditional cultures of the Slovaks and other Central European ethnics. Historically, creativity has always been the most dominant characteristic of the Prešov region populations . Testimony to this facts have not only been preserved by architectural monuments registered  in the UNESCO World Heritage List, as well as, it can be recogniced in today's products of creative craftsmen and artisans of the Prešov region. Discover creative products of populations - subjects of creative economy in the region Prešov by clicking on the menu:

"Prešov Creative Journey".


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